The Outfit for the Male Emcee

What is the perfect outfit for the male emcee? It depends on the occasions, to which it is always necessary to be adapted.

Casual outfit, formal suit, evening or gala dress. But everything must always be agreed with the customer.

Before starting, I make a necessary premise: in this post I only deal with men’s clothing, with which I am most familiar. I’ll leave it to those who have the right experience to delve deeper into the outfit for the Mistress of Ceremonies.


The stage costume

This depends on the type of event, but it can really be anything, because the emcee also becomes a character: from the traditional circus Ringmaster to any other figure, whether real or fictional.

It tends to be used in an entertainment context, or in corporate events where a strong element of entertainment is expected.


The casual outfit

Attilio Reinhardt emcee in casual outfit
Attilio Reinhardt emcee in a casual outfit for a digital content.

The less casual of casual outifits is what in Italy we call spezzato (suite separates), in which the jacket and trousers are different. But the trousers can be replaced by jeans, instead of the shirt there can be a t-shirt, the jacket can disappear: any combination is possible.

Naturally, this outfit for the male emcee must be agreed with the customer, because it is precisely in this context that the probability of error is highest.
For example: what happens if the event concerns a telephone company whose brand has a specific color, but the emcee inadvertently shows up wearing a t-shirt that resembles the color of the directly competing company?

Another possibility: the emcee wears a t-shirt with a prominent logo, but not connected to the customer. To avoid making mistakes, it is best to never wear clothes with prominent images, unless the customer specifically requests it. This applies to clothes, shoes but also accessories such as belts, etc.

It can be used in product launches and promotional events that require a certain elasticity in clothing. Even more likely in roadshows, family days and team buildings (in the latter, the emcee has the role of Facilitator).


The formal suit

Attilio Reinhardt emcee in formal dress
Another example of an outift for the male emcee: Attilio Reinhardt in a formal dress (Ph Lisa Boccaccio).

Here there are hardly any logo problems (a jacket with a prominent brand could certainly not be defined as formal). But when choosing the color of both the suit and the shirt and tie, it is always a good idea to consult with the customer; after all, he is the one who has the final say about the outfit for the male emcee he or she has hired.

Generally, for the dress I recommend choosing a solid color: it is elegant without standing out compared to the real protagonists of the event.

For the shirt: you can hardly go wrong with a white one. As long as you don’t wear either a tank top or a t-shirt underneath it. And remembering to always have a spare white shirt in your bag: if you get a stain, a backup is essential.

Even for the tie, a solid color is better, but considering the potential color problems it has with t-shirts anyway. Also in this case it is useful to provide a backup.

Generally, the formal suit is an outfit for the male emcee suitable for conventions, conferences, but also for product launches and promotional events where a more sober touch is required (perhaps without a tie). Perfect for corporate dinners.


Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket

Attilio Reinhardt emcee wearing a tuxedo
Attilio Reinhardt (Ph Emerson Fortunato, courtesy Municipality of Alassio, 2015)

Over the years, the tuxedo (but the best way to call it is dinner jacket) has become the quintessential outfit for the male emcee. But it is still a fundamental garment on many occasions that require a certain formality.

It can also be worn in a slightly more contemporary way. But with some precautions.
For example: if we use suspenders instead of a belt, a cummerbund should be placed around the waist, or a vest directly.
It is not necessary to use male pumps (black patent shoes, not lace-ups, but with a silk bow) as tradition dictates; a good black lace-up shoe is fine, but still sober and elegant.
Instead of the shirt with the wing collar and cuffs to be closed with cufflinks, you can use a normal one
If possible, it is better to use a bow tie to tie (the Web is full of tutorials) rather than one already tied.

The classic tux is black, but on some occasions his jacket can be replaced with a white or ecru one. It is usually the dress code for outdoor evening parties or on a cruise. But the choice of this item must also be agreed with the customer.

The tuxedo can be rented easily. But the emcee is more elegant if he wears one perfectly suited to his body size. And the opportunities to use it are not that rare.

This outfit for the male emcee is excellent for corporate gala dinners.


The tailcoat

Attilio Reinhardt emcee wearing a tailcoat
Attilio Reinhardt wearing the most formal outfit for the male emcee: the tailcoat.

It is the most elegant suit a man can wear, so it is reserved for extremely formal occasions, generally institutional events in the presence of the authorities.
Unlike the tuxedo, no transgressions are allowed with this garment: the white piquet cotton tie, the coordinated waistcoat, the shirt with the wing collar and the patent leather shoes are de rigueur.
The emcee uses it so rarely that he doesn’t need to own it: he can easily rent it.


Contact a professional Emcee

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What is the perfect outfit for the male Emcee? It depends on the occasions, to which it is always necessary to be adapted.
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